Billing and Accounts Receivable (AR) Services

Facilitating Efficiency through Billing and Accounts Receivable Services

When working under a government contract, accounting becomes more complex and sensitive. Records must be accurate and in compliance. In addition to the delivery of services or goods, you must ensure that all transactions are represented in your financial statements.
Financial statements must be error free, which means your billing and accounts receivable must also be without error. A government contract billing specialist can give your financial statements the attention they deserve. Their association with similar firms and businesses, years of experience, and expansive knowledge of government contracting ensures the accuracy of your statements.
Maintaining these records on an ongoing basis, especially when your agency is fulfilling a large government contract, can be overwhelming. Whether you’re short on resources or have a deluge of projects to oversee, MAZ Logics is a government contracting accounting expert willing to help meet your needs.
GOV Billing and Accounts Receviable AR

Experienced Billing and Accounts Receivable Experts

At MAZ Logics, we understand that cash flow statements are one of your most important financial tools. Maintaining an updated cash flow statement is the key to knowing your ongoing financial performance.
Government contract projects often require special skills and familiarity with different portals (WAWF, IPP, GSA, FinCEN & Tungsten) to manage billing and accounts receivables. We adhere to the best industry standards and practices, delivering concurrent analysis, reporting, and communication.

Our services cover a wide range of tasks associated with billing and AR services such as:

  • managing payment terms,
  • cash receipts,
  • paper- and electronic-based
  • billing procedures,
  • credit,
  • collections.
By generating complete AR and billing reports, we keep you informed of your AR status. Our capabilities as government contract AR specialists ensure accuracy and attention to detail. In addition to overarching proficiency in billing and AR, our accountants are well-versed in the intricacies of standard IRS, Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).
At MAZ Logics, our billing and accounts receivable services are designed to support startups, enterprises, and SMEs. Our comprehensive accounting services offer a full range of billing and accounts receivable services designed for government contractors, including :
  • Bi-weekly and monthly billing specific to project or contracts
  • Invoice submission and follow up
  • Generate a project status report (PSR) for profitability analysis
  • Generate unbilled receivables report
  • AR support and resolutions
  • Record cash receipts and generate reports
  • Generate AR aging reports
  • Support and assistance in submitting invoices on WAWF, IPP, GSA, FinCEN and Tungsten

Tools and Skills

We ensure DCAA compliance through management of billing and accounts receivable using Costpoint along with other top-of-the-line accounting systems such as:
Deltek GCS Premier 5
Contract Workforce
Time & Expense
QuickBooks Online
Sage Accounting Software
Billing and Accounts Receivable (AR) Expertise with MAZ Logics
Whether you’re a startup with your first government contract or an established corporation with limited resources, consider outsourcing complete or partial accounts receivable to MAZ Logics.
We have the tools and accounting acumen to curate scalable solutions that can save you time and money.

Learn More About our Billing and AR Services and How We Can Help you Remain DCAA compliant.