Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

MAZ Logics provides a wide array of scalable in-house, remote / outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping related services to businesses all over the USA, including our immediate service areas in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.


Specializing in supporting emerging small businesses dealing with Federal and State Government contracts.

We are committed to meeting both our client’s and our employees’ expectations. Clients can expect a long-term relationship with knowledgeable & seasoned professionals.


Enhance your existing departments and teams with our accounting, bookkeeping, and ERP consultancy available nationwide, including VA, MD & DC.

Gov. Accounting and Bookkeeping
IT & Web Services

IT & Web Services

MAZ Logics have a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations.
  • ERP Implementation Consulting & Support
  • Business Intelligence Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • IT Procurement Services
  • Web Development, UX/UI, Social Media & Internet Search Engine Marketing

Contact US with of your requirements! We will discuss your specific needs.

Remote Government Accounting
& Bookkeeping
Remote Gov. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Outsource accounting services remote on-demand partial or complete Bookkeeping, Timekeeping & Payroll, AR, Billing & Invoicing. Our services are best fit for government contracting firms short on specialized accounting staff & emerging firms seeking support from experts. We are a team of experienced Financial Officers, Controllers, CPAs, Accounting Managers, Government billing, invoicing, and payroll specialist. Supporting Finance & Accounting Departments with the DCAA & FAR complaint software platform and familiarizing with different tools including process of submitting invoices on WAWF. Our ad-hoc services will significantly reduce the overhead costs of your finance & accounting department.
  • Our flexible pricing model allows you to hire our services when they are required with absolutely no overheads associated with employing our virtual services.
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Yearly accounting and bookkeeping
Consultants you can trust

MAZ Logics is actively seeking opportunities in new, emerging technologies. Our team is continuously working on improving & creating efficient processes, exploring new tools and applications which can help us and, eventually, our clients.


Enhancing client’s financial position by providing them with the highest quality of services possible. Advanced accounting, bookkeeping, and IT services designed in our clients’ best interest, utilizing efficient software solutions, managing risks, and enhancing systems that give them a competitive edge.


Each employee & partner at MAZ Logics is inherently inclined to maintain consistent client service, nurturing relationships with clients based on trust and integrity. We aim to become trusted advisors, consultants, and an extension of your team, supporting your sustainable growth goals.


Dedicated to your growth and performance, delivering uncompromising services that exceed your expectations. Adhering to compliance requirements and high industry standards, we try to set a benchmark for excellence in all areas based on high personal and business ethics.